Education Faculty Announcement Revolutionises Aesthetic Medicine Training

Circa Skin Ltd, the global distributor of KYSENSE®, an innovative cutting-edge HA dermal filler technology, is revolutionising the field of aesthetic medicine training. With a focus on improving both online and face-to-face education, the company has assembled an education faculty dedicated to enhancing expertise in specific areas of the face.

Since its launch in the UK in April 2022, the Elevate to Expert programme has garnered positive reviews for its high-quality education. Recognising the importance of a robust online learning platform, Circa Skin is currently developing an online programme to supplement their face-to-face training and support their practitioners.

Circa Skin is dedicated to providing comprehensive and exceptional training in aesthetic medicine. The assembly of the education faculty is a significant step towards elevating expertise in specific areas of the face. As Circa Skin continues to develop the online learning platform, it is placing patient safety and high-quality education at the core of its business. Circa Skin aims to shape the future of aesthetic medicine training.

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